“The Boundaries course helped me be a better parent – a transformation that is
invaluable for helping any parent deal with challenging situations in a calmer,
more reflective and constructive way. As the teacher, Cora is a kind, insightful
and very intuitive person who can share knowledge and help you learn and see
things differently in a way that shows she can relate to the situation and offer
guidance in a non-judgmental, constructive and supportive way.
She has helped me immensely”. (Anne Copeland)

“Parenting is the most challenging, albeit rewarding, role in the world. After all, little lives depend on us.  It’s similar to walking a tightrope, especially when we try to balance our children’s growing independence with the need to ensure that they appreciate their boundaries.  Add a child or two more to the mix and you can sometimes feel like you’re living in a circus.

The ‘Raising Great Kids’ course was a huge help to me at a time when I felt that I was slipping off the tightrope one time too many.  Rather than taking a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, Cora works through real-life examples of the challenges we can sometimes face when interacting with our children.  She then suggests techniques to overcome those challenges, tailored to suit individual families.  Parents learn to encourage independence in their children and positively discipline them where appropriate, allowing them to develop into healthy, happy people.  As my children grow and continue to test their boundaries, as they are meant to, I feel better equipped (despite the occasional slip-up!) to maintain a loving, peaceful and fun-filled home for my family.”  (Angela Kuar)

“Boundaries for Kids has been such a helpful course for me, and my life has ways to approach my kids, in a more calm and consistent way. Cora facilitated the course amazingly, and I could relate very well with her also being a mum in busy bustling Hong Kong. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience which has taught me so much. Thank you Cora!” (Robyn Mo)

“The course has given me a lot of insight into parenting, but specifically on micro-managing the smaller pieces of the picture. Focusing on the future and the long term is perhaps the most significant theme that has stuck in my head. I’ve learned the importance of working and parenting for the big picture; making the extra effort not only for immediate results, but rather a lifelong foundation and skills.” (Jacklyn Hui.  Children aged 2,5,6)

“Several things have been highlighted that we could definitely do better at home to avoid conflict and nagging.  I love the idea of sowing and reaping and looking at how our actions today will affect the future.  Thank you for putting things in perspective and reminding me of the “reality” of it all!” (Lara Melwani.  Children aged 2, 6)

“Thank you Cora for providing some really practical advice and insights into how to form healthy, loving and mature relationships with not only my kids but also my husband, extended family and friends. This course is the perfect complement to PET, providing an alternative to permissive or authoritative parenting and providing the tools to make parenting really work!” (Dania Pegna. Children aged 6,8)

“Thank you Cora. It’s such a useful course. I love the fact that I have started to feel more empowered as a mother as I know I have some tools in my toolbox now.  I have become a calmer parent and there is more room for bonding and other loving moments as we are not always angry.  The guilt factor has also gone down a lot.   I am really happy and grateful that I have taken your course and I hope I can keep sharpening my tools along the way!”  (Ada Loi. Children aged 10 months, 3,5)

Thanks for the food of thought.  I become more patient in handling the relationship with my children.  Through the discussion, I aware that the problem that I use to think that it is so big, in fact, there is a way to solve it.  And most important, I am not the only person who fact the problem.  After your course, I feel more confident.  Thanks for the support !!  (Sanida)

“As the children grow, I encounter new challenges in parenting. So this course is a good add-on to my previous courses as Cora is great in giving examples and putting things into perspectives. Parenting is so complicated and having good ‘tutors’ like Cora really helps.”  (Janice Li)

“This was  a great course that imparted concrete advice.  I have taken PET and enjoyed it too, but these skills are practically applicable and involve less guilt on the part of the parent.  I also believe the theories are long-term oriented.  Thanks for  the wisdom, humor and humility.  It made a hard topic very accessible and engaging.” (Mellissa Strecker.  Children aged 3,6,9)

“I like the course a lot.  This course is based in the basic values & morals that I am trying to teach our children.  Teaching Love, Respect and to be a Responsible person without screaming & threatening.  Through sharing with other parents I know we are all going through the same thing as parents, struggling with similar problems.  Listening to other parents, bouncing ideas off on how to be a better parent is priceless.  Taking the course with other parents also make me feel that fellow parents help each other out by sharing & giving suggestions.”  (Joanne Kan)

Thoughts: I felt that after 4 courses, I could do more and listen more and read more!  I would love to attend more courses from Cora, especially if it involves spouses.  I love the fact that I took lots of tips and advices from this course, on top of all the theories and guidelines that we were given in the workbook. I found it very useful as well to also share my thoughts and feelings with the other moms in the group, and that I found invaluable; to have all the moms share with everyone honestly and without predjudice.  Overall, this course was an eye opener and I was very glad that I took it.  (Judy Yip)

“This is my second time doing a parenting course with Cora and each time I get so much out of it! It reconnects me to what is fundamental to growing and loving my family unit (not just children!!) and helps me be an “active”, empowered and loving parent and spouse as opposed to a “reactive” parent and spouse…. I will be back for more – thank you Cora!  (April Leong-Stock)

“This course has been a reminder and a reaffirmation of our family’s foundation. It was such a wonderful affirmation of what is fundamental to family life.  I look forward to the course for husbands.  Thank you!  (Grace Chandler)

“This class was very helpful. It has really given me tools to deal with specific situations that are coming up now, while the kids are still young. And it has given me tools to deal with the kids as they grow older. I will recommend this course to all my friends as I do think it will help with situations but mostly it will help raise my children into the responsible and caring adults I would like them to become. Thanks.”  (Patricia)

“Thank YOU for leading us along our journey of parenting together.  Much of the insight you have shared with us helps us to build stronger relationships with not only our children, but our partners and ourselves too.  And that is precious – for I truly do believe relationship is the fabric of life.” (Tanya)

“Cora was inspirational, both as a course leader and as a person.  I did the Foundations for Life course.  Cora delivered the course in such a way that we all felt comfortable sharing our experiences without feeling judged.  The course content was very logical and practical and it works!!  We are a better family unit because of it, thanks Cora.” (Stephanie)

“I have 2 toddlers at home, and was facing difficulty handling my 3-year old son.  Cora came highly recommended by a friend, and I arranged for a group of friends to attend the “Raising great kids” course with Cora, tailored for 3 year olds.  It was  insightful, informative, interactive and fun.  We shared our concerns and views with each other as Cora guided us through the steps of raising children with character through grace and truth.  Cora showed me how to me communicate with my son in a  way a 3-year old will understand, and the transformation in our relationship has been remarkable.”  (Xue Ping)

“I enjoyed Cora’s workshop for many reasons. Firstly, I appreciated the fact that she was able to tailor make a course and schedule to fit with my and other mother’s working schedule and expectations. Secondly, I instantly warmed up to her voice – clear, captivating, caring, colourful, down to earth and fun. I also enjoyed the interactive material and format of her classes: it encourages you to reflect on how you were brought up and how you are raising your children. She also encourages you to open up to friends or other parents to share and understand each other’s experiences and approaches. In her courses, Cora generously shares techniques and tools. Along with lively examples, she helps you to deal with your children, family and friends, and to build confidence as a parent. Her positive, inspiring approach and brilliant tips are always at the back of my mind and pop up whenever I need them. I often find myself reflecting on what we discussed. Finally, her practical tips and techniques proved to be successful all around in our group after the first class, and we were hooked thereafter.”  (Isabelle-Marie Cowperthwaite)

“It was a great pleasure to have Mrs. Cora Ha to attend our Parent Seminar on 12 April 2010 to present to the parents of our students of three campuses about “Dispelling Parenting Myths”. With her experience in the field of education for almost 20 years and having worked with all ages from preschool to secondary school, her speech was very captivating and well-articulated, especially her intriguing interpretation of the word “parenting”. Overall, the school and the parents both thought that the seminar was enlightening and beneficial. Mrs. Ha’s effort in the seminar is greatly appreciated by us.”  (Dorothy Ip – Principal.  Learning Habitat Kindergarten (Hampton Loft))

“A truly insightful & practical course which will even have those who have ‘tried everything’ singing its praises.  For the boundaries we set for our children today are a path to them becoming the kind, successful, well-rounded adults of tomorrow.” (Cindy Gee)

“As a parent of a 9 year old & 3 year old I found the Boundaries course with Cora invaluable. I had never realised to what extent boundaries are the framework for all of our parenting choices.  This is a course full of aha moments & with Cora’s guidance we not only discovered how to identify the problems & pitfalls but also how to put into practice more thoughtful parenting options.” (Annie)

“This course is simply brilliant.   Cora’s method of communication is first class and the sprinkling of humour that she adds to the classes is a wonderful touch to a challenging topic.   I received good sound advice, which I have tried and tested – it works!”  (Hardeep Jandhu)

“Cora was able to understand my, and many other’s common dilemma – how to meet the demands of a traditional Asian parent while embracing the softer Western philosophy, to help create a value-based parenting approach, unique to our family, and tailored to our children’s personalities.  She helped me to strike a better balance between the kisses and the scolding.  It is love just the same, just different between every parent and child.”  (Tanya Bhaktia Chiu)

“I felt I was losing my then-volatile and non-communicative son when Cora came along with the parenting course, and saved my relationship with him. The most painful part of it was looking at, and inside myself before being able to handle the tools she gave me to calmly reach out to him again and to set boundaries for both of us. Two years on, I continue to use the course material on him and my younger son. I can honestly say we are a much happier family for it.”  (Sara Sharp)


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