Parenting Topics

For Parents of Children at Any Age

Dispelling Parenting Myths

  1. Uncover common myths that undermine parenting efforts
  2. Gain healthy, productive perspectives on the parenting task

Parenting Assessment

  1. Discover your parenting style
  2. Understand how different styles affect a child’s development
  3. Know the strengths and weaknesses of the different people on the family team

Communication and Parenting Styles

  1. Relating communication to parenting styles.
  2. Recognize common pitfalls in communication
  3. Learn ways to really say what you mean and mean what you say

Parenting with Purpose – an introduction to creating healthy boundaries

(strongly recommended as a foundation class)

  1. Parenting with an “Eye to the Future”
  2. Boundaries defined
  3. 3 Specific Parenting Roles

For Parents of Preschoolers 

Recipe for Growth

  1. Defining love and limits
  2. Taking a closer look at ‘time’
  3. Combining all the ingredients

The Power of Relationship – Part 1

  1. What is attachment and why is it so important?
  2.  Attachment Goals 1-2

The Power of Relationship – Part 2

  1. Attachment review
  2. Attachment Goal 3-9

Competence – “I can do it by myself!”

  1. Reasons for developing competency
  2. What’s being modeled?
  3. Being a talent scout

Building a moral storehouse

  1. Reasons behind your ‘yes’ and ‘no’
  2. Ways in which morals are instilled
  3. Exploring values

Spirituality and children

  1. World view and how it affects the way we parent
  2. Age of faith and passing on your beliefs

Born this way – Personality vs Character

  1. Differentiating between Personality and Character
  2. Seeing character as a life long gift to your child

For Parents of School Age Children

Parents with Healthy Boundaries

  1. Avenues of influence
  2. Obstacles to boundary training – why we don’t do what we know we should do

Creating Respect for Boundaries in your Child

  1. Consequences vs Punishment
  2. Formula for Growth – making boundaries real for your child

Developing Responsibility in your Child

  1. What is a child responsible for?
  2. Children can become problem solvers

Who’s got the power?

  1. Healthy power vs manipulative power
  2. What should children have power over?
  3. Winning the war on power struggles

Respect – what it can look like

  1. 5 behavioural goals that demonstrate respect
  2. Giving the gift of ‘space’

What makes them tick?

  1. Defining the internal ‘because’
  2. Four stages of motive development

Perseverance – Pushing through pain

  1. The difference between hurt and harm
  2. Making ‘pain’ an ally for growth

Reactivity vs Proactivity

  1. Making tantrums a thing of the past
  2. Teaching your child to ‘get what he/she wants’ – positively
  3. Bully-proofing your child

Envy – a poison with an antidote

  1. Entitlement – an attitude that corrupts
  2. Gratitude – an attitude that grows
  3. Giving, Limiting and Containing – a 3 step gratitude process

Passivity to Activity

  1. Identifying 6 passive behaviours (e.g. whining, procrastination)
  2. 7 reasons underlying passive bahaviour
  3. Having self-motivated children

Honesty is the best policy

  1. Creating a home where honesty is truly valued
  2. Becoming “SAFE” parents
  3. How to respond to failures

Safe communication – a rare art form

  1. Ten guidelines for making communication safe
  2. Benefits of becoming safe communicators

Conflict resolution – learning to ‘fight well’

  1. Non-expression is not ok
  2. Practising boundary words
  3. Getting out of the middle

6 Steps to Implementing Boundaries

  1. Have a plan to see your children through the challenges
  2. Build healthy patterns for family life and beyond



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