Monthly Archives: January 2010

What does a child need to succeed in our complex world today?

With ever increasing pressure to perform and compete, stand up and stand against the negative influences of media and peer pressure, what will tip the scale in your child’s favour to come out thriving and not just surviving?

Are academics…exceptional skills…or high self-esteem enough?  We believe it takes more than that.  It takes a solid foundation of discovering one’s own true value through experiencing acceptance and guidance in a loving environment. Learn to become parents who can graciously love and accept your children whilst having a healthy balance of truth and boundaries to guide them through the process of maturing into young people.

With the right tools, families can work together to establish stability in the home and develop character (such as perseverance, risk-taking, discipline, and compassion) so that children can reach their greatest potential and destinies as people who will positively impact the world.